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British Butler Chocolate Caramel Wafer Bars

Website reviews by the Great Website Guide. There are so many great websites out there just waiting to be discovered, if you find yourself in need of some inspiration then the great website guide is what you need to cure your "surfer's block". We only include websites that our editors deem good enough. Each website has something extra to make it stand out from the crowd. I hope you enjoy our website reviews.

British Corner Shop

Food Shopping for British Expats

British Corner Shop

I'll start with a couple of great websites that have really taken off recently. Firstly if you are a British Expat and you find it difficult to get hold of British food abroad, then British Corner Shop is the online supermarket that you need. British Food delivered worldwide is the concept. Simply order online or by phone and British Corner Shop will deliver your favourite British food anywhere in the world.

All of the great websites within this guide come recommended by us. It could be for a novel concept, idea, service or for a valuable but little known resource. Many of the websites are particularly well designed and easy to use, with great content or competitively priced products. Whatever the reason for selection, we simply provide fantastic website reviews.

Great website reviews can be submitted free of charge. We have a small team of editors from a range of backgrounds covering web development, business, the arts and marketing. We hope a well rounded view is taken on what to include, and all suggestions for great new websites are welcomed.

Furniture Realm

Contract Furniture

Furniture Realm Contract Furniture supplies all your contract furniture needs.

When businesses need to buy furniture, they can't often just pop down to the local Ikea. They often require furniture in quantity, or in a specific style, or that meets some official standard, be that safety or otherwise.

This is where contract furniture suppliers such as Furniture Realm come in. They supply all types of furniture to offices, bars and clubs, hotels, restaurants and schools. This ranges from plastic school chairs to comtemporary sofas and high quality bedroom furniture.

The new website is beautifully designed, with some stunning feature photography plus easy to browse furniture categories. The furniture inspiration page will help if you're stuck for creative ideas.

Even the catalogue downloads are beautifully presented, and there are some practical tips on maintenance as well. The sort of website that businesses aspire to.

Fitness Superstore

For Sporting Goods

Fitness Superstore

The next website that I want to mention which is also worthy of praise is Fitness Superstore. Anyone who enjoys keeping fit will have a field day on this website, which sells all manner of sports equipment from multi gyms to table tennis tables.

Whatever your sporting discipline you are bound to find the fitness equipment you need to stay at the top of your game. Effective training is key to success in your chosen sport. At Fitness Superstore you can select from a high quality range of weights, gym equipment, treadmills and rowing machines.

As well as being perfect for the keep-fit enthusiast, Fitness Superstore also supplies commercial equipment to gyms and health clubs. There are also huge savings to be found on ex-demo fitness equipment, in some cases saving you as much as half off.

All the top fitness brands are represented, such as Kettler, Life Fitness and York. For those planning their own home gym there is a superb gym planner feature, which allows you to lay out your various pieces of equipment in a virtual room, to best use the available space and check that everything will fit. Just make sure you leave enough space for the water cooler!

Leather Seats Online

Leather Recliner Chairs

Leather Seats Online Leather Recliner Chairs

Leather Seats Online only have a small selection of leather recliner chairs, but the prices are incredibly low. The reason for this is that they are imported direct, and sold on through the small family business with minimal markup.

The result is a high quality leather chair at two or three hundred pounds less than it would normally be, as the middle man has been cut out. The owners are dedicated to their business and provide a high quality personal service.

Many of the leather recliner chairs come in two or three different colour options, which extends the choice. Many have a matching foot stool and all are very good looking pieces of furniture.

If you like a bargain and are in the market for a leather chair, it's well worth having a look at Leather Seats Online. Many of our website reviews feature merchants who sell online at heavily discounted prices.

Orchestral Conductor

Richard Howarth

Orchestra Conductor Richard Howarth

Orchestral conductor Richard Howarth is a highly regarded musician and conductor with twenty years of playing lead violin, directing and conducting.

Richard's website is nicely designed and demonstrates a good blend of web standards compliance and smart graphic design.

Apart from the resume and glowing reviews you can view some very nice video clips of rising classical violin star Jiafeng Chen in concert, with Richard conducting.

Richard is passionate about music, playing and conducting both amateur and professional orchestras as well as lecturing music students. We don't limit our website reviews to businesses, many individuals have great websites too.

The Garden Escape

Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms

The garden escape is a beautiful concept with aspirational garden buildings which combine traditional timber and glass construction, with innovative modern design and technology to create simply stunning garden rooms.

The elegant garden buildings are even better set off by being placed with a wooden decked area around them to create the perfect garden oasis. My personal favourite is the beautiful curved building pictured. With the hot tub inside and open glass doors, I could think of no better place to relax and enjoy the garden.

I hope this gives you an idea of the sort of great websites that you can find lurking within these pages. We'd love to hear from you, so if you know of any great websites that you think deserve to be reviewed, please drop us a line to let us know.

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Each of our website reviews carries a rating out of ten. These ratings are subjective, but indicative of how our reviewer rates the website. We welcome all website reviews if you would like to write one yourself and submit it, just email it to us at the Great Website Guide. If it's a great website and a well written review, we'll publish it!

You'll find all the latest great websites listed at the top left of this page. We list the great websites of the moment, and the most popular websites are those that we've heard the most positive feedback about from our readers. We hope you have fun discovering just how useful the web can be, discovering some of the fantastic website concepts within these pages.

We keep an ear to the ground at the great website guide, this section lists other websites we like, or that we think could be worth keeping an eye out for. Check back regularly for our latest tip.

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