Business Link Advice for Businesses

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Business Link is a government project providing clear and practical information and advice for businesses. It covers all aspects of business from starting up and gaining finance and grants, to health and safety and employment information.

Business Link Advice for Businesses

If you are considering starting up a business you probably have a million and one questions. BusinessLink has articles on taxes, payroll, employing people, buying and managing a business as well as selecting and maintaining a workplace to standards.

Financing your business is key, and the website provides advice on grants, borrowing, fund raising, shares and equity, and financial planning as well as financial matters such as insurance, retirement planning and debt recovery. All essential aspects to consider.

IT and ECommerce is now a major part of any business, and information is provided around this topic. You may need to commission a website development, or understand how to secure your data to meet the data protection requirements. IT security is a hot topic these days.

Starting up Businesses

Of course, once you have started your business you will need to market it. Sales and marketing is covered with articles on selling, online selling and the legal obligations to consider. How you price your products, and keep your customers is going to be critical.

Expanding and growing your business through strategic partnerships, outsourcing or going international takes planning and knowledge. Articles introduce the main considerations on these topics, and how to control the speed of growth of your enterprise.

Finally the website provides directories of useful contacts and information. BusinessLink is a well written and clear website, disseminating valuable information for any budding entrepreneur. Be it advice on advertising spend, buying clear tape for packaging, or pulling together a sound business plan, Business Link is the place to start.

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