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Close protection is the industry phrase for employing a bit of muscle. A personal bodyguard is probably how most of us think of this service, and DSG Consultants are at the top of their industry when it comes to countering kidnap and attack threats.

Close Protection Bodyguard

In fact, close protection involves a lot more than just brawn. The DSG management team include members who have served in the armed forces as Paras and SAS operatives.

Fully versed in counter-surveillance and the techniques used by would-be attackers, DSG teams are able to effectively protect VIP's from a wide range of threats from attacks to kidnappings.

Close protection involves protecting yourself, family and property. The expert team is approved by the SIA and operates to the highest standards.

Personal Security Protection

A clearly laid out website describes DSG's securty services in clear terms. Close protection for Royalty, CEO's and high net worth individuals is the mainstay of their business but they also work on residential security and event security.

Close protection training is also offered by the company, and you'll be taught by the best. Former SAS and Parachute Regiment soldiers along with licensed SIA operators run a course with comprehensive syllabus.

As supporters of the Airboune Forces museum, DSG retain their connection with Airborne Assault, Duxford. A high quality close protection operation, from former soldiers used to operating at the highest level.

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