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Adventure Point is a wonderful website of unique concept and design that strives to promote non-violent educational, story and puzzle driven video games. It also provides an invaluable archive of information on nearly 2000 games of this perenially overlooked, and frequently forgotten, corner of video gaming history.

Adventure Games

Whether you're new to graphical Adventure games or a long-in-the-tooth veteran, Adventure Point, with its fun and colourful design, will open up avenues to the wonderful world of Adventure gaming that you never thought could have existed, and keep you occupied for hours on end to boot!

Beginning as one person's hobby, Adventure Point has grown to become the most comprehensive English language website of its kind. In existence for just over 18 months, the website has now welcomed over 70,000 visitors. A friendly forum community allows everyone to share Adventure gaming experiences.

Whilst Adventure Point concentrates mainly on brain-bending graphical Adventure games, there's ample coverage of text Adventures. An innovative sub-genre classification system encompasses categories including Historical, Educational, Puzzle, Story, and child-friendly games. There's age suitability data, and information on player game control is especially useful to those who dislike keyboard controls.

Adventure Puzzles

For the novice a section entitled 'What Is An Adventure Game?' defines what true Adventure games are in contrast to action-intensive games. It describes how Adventure games encourage mental agility, creative thinking and detective-like reasoning. How they provide a much needed, but relaxing, challenge, lubricating stale or ageing minds.

The website promotes independent game developers, especially ones who rarely see their creations displayed in high street stores. It disputes the belief that all video games are either full of violence or else mundane 'brain-trainers', arguing that there's another side to video gaming, that exciting, stimulating, story-driven games await discovery.

Adventure Point succeeds in one way more than any other. By showing that these wonderfully magical and mentally challenging games can be fun without detriment. Adventure games deserve to be promoted in a positive way, as entertaining learning tools, and distinct from many of the more violent games of today.

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