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The Motley Fool has been around for some time, more recently being shortened to just "The Fool". The Fool offers advice on investing, from trading on the stock markets to the best performing savings accounts, helping to make your money work harder for you.

The Fool

As well as financial news and detailed stock market information there are a selection of comparison services across all types of financial products including credit cards, loans, mortgages, current accounts and insurance.

Whether you want to find the best performing ISA or figure out which Gas and Electricity supplier offers the cheapest deal, the Fool is a good place to start. The comparisons also cover car insurance and loans, and there is a comprehensive mortgage guide.

Fund Tracking at The Fool

There are always a good number of current articles relating to money saving tips. These tend to be specific, focusing on a subject such as energy saving advice to help reduce bills, so not always directly about getting better deals on financial products. However, cheaper pet insurance is another topic for the tipsters so finding the best deals on products does still play a large part.

Advice is also offered on getting out of debt, with simple steps such as tracking your spending and how to prepare realistic budgets. During the era of easy credit, it was all too easy for people to be tempted into living beyond their means. In crunch times however, restraint is needed.

For the more serious investor there is information on choosing a broker, which ETF to go for, and a host of tips and discussion around stock and shares.

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