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Sososher stands for savvy online social shopper, and has two main aspects. The primary reason for becoming a member is so that you can earn a commission, or cash back, on the purchases you make online.

Cash Back on Shopping

The second aspect is the product review and social shopping side, both sharing your own experiences and feedback about products you have bought as well as researching and reading reviews of items you're thinking of buying.

The site works by sharing affiliate commissions that it earns from merchants, with you the customer. Before you shop and buy at any store, just login and click on the logo of the shop you want to buy from, and the commission will accrue automatically within your Sososher account.

It's a very easy and accessible way for everyone to benefit from the affiliate commissions offered by many online shops. With so many onlne businesses offering such commissions now, there is a large selection of shops to choose from within Sososher so you stand a good chance of finding many shops you already frequent.

Earn Commission on Purchases

At the end of each month, your earnings are paid into your PayPal account. All you need to do is provide the email address of your PayPal account and the money is automatically transferred. The more you shop, the more you earn.

The reviews side of the site is particularly well implemented, with support for uploading video clips to support your review. With most phones having a video capability these days, and everyone familiar with YouTube this should build over time into an excellent video review resource.

Entering feedback for a review is via a clear well prompted form, and ratings are applied to products purchased. There is also a strong social networking element that encourages sharing and recommending products to friends. So get savvy, and start earning while you spend!

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