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Twitter enables you to keep in touch with groups of friends or family by entering messaging via which is sent out to your contact groups or followers. These mini updates of up to 140 characters are sent out for free by the Twitter website.

Keep in touch with Twitter

Posting on the twitter system, known as micro-blogging, supports other channels like instant messanger and blogs, but the most useful part of the system seems to be the ability to quickly reach many followers both online and on mobile devices. This is typed only once, and quickly entered online rather than by the predictive text on your phone.

The uses are readily apparent, you could just be keeping in touch with friends, or could be keeping business colleagues informed of what's happening, particularly if you are managing a group of geographically dispersed staff, for example in sales. If you're on holiday you may want to send a message to all of your family rather than writing postcards!

Twitter free group SMS messages

You can send as many messages from the Twitter website as you like, and you can follow as many other Twitter members as you like. Twitter has become one of the major social networking websites, and has found favour amongst celebrities.

If you send messages from your mobile phone, or via the web with Twitter it is free. A nice way to quickly keep people in touch with what's going on with short bitesize updates.

The website puts it very nicely: "twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?". Whether it's just letting Mum know where you are, or your partner know how your day is going this is a novel service that's catching on fast as the mobile generation of the social networking boom.

One final point to mention is that you can set all important quiet times on your twitter account, so that you are not disturbed by everyone bombarding you.

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