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The site is aimed at everyone who is interested in quizzes and trivia. It offers a free and regular set of original and challenging quiz questions. It is aimed at all levels and is an ongoing learning process.

Quiz Questions

The site was set up as a learning tool.Many people know the capital of France, but do they know the capital of Chad? The site aims to help quiz players go to the next step.

The site is global and offers a suitable set of questions for world wide readers. Although there is the occasional British specific question, the questions are generally aimed to a wider audience.

There are various quiz sites on offer, but none seem to offer free and regular quiz questions of a more challenging standard. Competitive quizzing is growing around the world, so a site that offers this sort of help is much needed.

Original Quizzes

There are several thousand questions and answers listed, which the reader can view in any order they wish. All subjects are covered and a mixture of old and modern questions are used.

The site offers an extensive and relevant links section. On offer are quiz leagues, associations and quiz events. Many people enjoy quizzes but don't always know where to look (other than in the local pub!).

The site has received great feedback and is growing all the time. It offers plenty of enjoyment to quizzers of all levels. The reader is not marked on their score, they do not have to sign up for anything and there are no adverts. It's just a shared place of fun, learning and reference, it's 'JustQuiz'.

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