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Backup your files online with this excellent piece of software for Windows. Backing up your files is a chore that nobody likes to spend time on, and yet it is a critical part of modern working practices. Losing business critical data, or your personal files such as photographs, is an unpleasant experience.

Backup Files Online

There are many ways to backup your files. Copying them to an external hard drive is a popular method, as is burning them to CD. If you have a network then you can setup a file server to copy your files down to each day or week, even on a schedule.

However, all of these methods have some negative elements. Backing up to an external hard drive of CD is time consuming, and easily over-looked or forgotten. This also means you need to manually pick the files you want to backup, which makes them prone to errors creeping in. Copying to a network server can be scheduled and is am improvement, but typically this will be in the same building and so redundancy is lost.

There is a better way. Backup your files online, to a remote location, and you get around the issue of redundancy. Fire or theft are mitigated with Sumo backup, as your files go off-site, and are kept safe. The other big advantage is that you don't have to think about your backups. The software handles it all automatically.

Sumo Backup

The backup software runs in the backgound continuously, and is easy on your bandwidth. It will upload your files based on an incremental change policy, saving a new version of files each time for easy rollback. Sumo backup protects your critical files without you having to ever think about making a backup. You can schedule the backup or just let the software run quietly in the background and handle things for you.

Backup is performed over a secure encrypted connection, so you don't have to worry about security issues. Only you can access your files once they have been backed up, not even the Sumo Backup staff will be able to unlock them without your password. Sumo backup is like an insurance for your files.

Sumo Backup runs on Windows XP and Vista, and backs up files to their fast RAID disks. Plans start from as little as $4.95 per month for a 3 GB storage space, and for business use you can go up to 10 GB of storage for an annual rate of $119.95. An excellent way to backup your files online.

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