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PopSci is a very accessible science and technology news website which has features covering: Cars, Gadgets, DIY, Aviation and Space, Gaming, Entertainment and the Environment.

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Articles are generally well written and usually cater for the casual reader as well as providing more technical detail for the initiated. The great thing about this website is the chosen subject matter, with intriguing articles on less obvious topics and products as well as the more mainstream headlines.

Product reviews cover everything from speakers to backpacks. I particularly enjoyed the piece on the hollywood grade security camera that you can use in your back yard. Thieves will now be in high definition at long last.

The Space section includes articles about the Mars Phoenix lander's instruments, the fastest spinning Asteroids and even Space Beer. Entertainment continues with the news that the toilet on the International Space Station has broken, leaving a poor ISS mission spokesman fielding plumbing questions with, "Having a working toilet onboard the station is a priority for us".

Science Article One Wheel Motorbike

The one wheeled motorbike with zero emmissions was certainly a head turner. It turns out that it actually has two wheels, side by side, but lets not let that spoil things, it's still very impressive!

Accelerating is achieved in a rather similar way to the SegWay, with the rider leaning forward. When turning, the rider leans as usual and the bike automatically raises the outside wheel and lowers the inner one to keep both planted. It still has some way to go, but as a clean and compact mode of transport it has potential, as long as there is anybody brave enough to ride it.

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