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Nine out of Ten is an online shopping website dedicated to promoting all natural products with a focus on stress relief, wellness, and preventative healthcare. They employ the methods of Maharishi Ayurveda, a branch of traditional medicine native to India.

Get Balance

Hinduism and Buddhism have been influential to many of Ayurvedic core ideas, particularly its focus on balance, known as madhyamaka. Suppressing natural urges is seen as unhealthy, and doing so may lead to illness. However, we are cautioned to stay within the limits of reasonable balance and measure.

The herbs in Maharishi Ayurveda products are prepared in the traditional Ayurvedic way, using the whole herb rather than just the core active ingredient. This creates holistic balance and limits negative side effects. Ayurveda calls it sanyog, the science of synergizing to create better results.

Herbs contain the most concentrated form of nature's intelligence. For Get Balance, the goal is to preserve this natural intelligence through the harvesting and manufacturing processes so that the finished herbal preparations can work effectively at the deepest levels of the physiology.

Herbal Remedies

Get Balance harvest their own herbs. Within Ayurvedic medicine, herbs are believed to naturally vary in potency with seasons, cycles of the moon and even by the time of day. Following traditional harvesting and processing techniques ensures natural standardisation of potency.

Where possible without threatening the natural ecological balance, herbs are gathered in the wild, because wild-crafted herbs can be more potent than their cultivated counterparts. Experts in plant identification take great care to examine each batch of harvested herbs.

All formulations are all-natural, containing no artificial colours of flavors of any kind. Natural binders collected from the wild (such as gum arabic) are the only binders used. All capsules are vegetarian, and the coatings on tablets are vegetable glycerin. No animal products are used in the formulas or during processing.

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