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Terms and Conditions

There is a one-off £75 fee for a fast review decision. We cannot guarantee inclusion of your website on the Great Website Guide with either our free or paid option. However, the paid option ensures that our experts will assess your website quickly for a decision on whether to include it or not.

1.0 Our editors may edit or modify the review as necessary to fit in with our submission guidelines.

1.1 Our editors may list your review under a different category than the one selected on submission of your review, if it is deemed more appropriate.

1.2 The review will be illustrated with 2 screenshot images from the reviewed website. These images will be created by our editors.

2.0 We reserve the right to reject any review, and refund the fast review fee.

2.1 We will not accept unsuitable websites into the guide, including but not exclusively: adult themed websites, pharmaceutical products, gambling websites, websites containing violence.

3.0 There is no recurring fee, the fast review fee is a one-off payment.

3.1 We do not guarantee that any review will be made live, or will be live on GreatWebsiteGuide.com indefinitely. We reserve the right to remove the review at any time, or in the case that GreatWebsiteGuide.com should close down.

4.0 Your review will generally be added within 2-3 weeks of a decision being made.

4.2 We accept payments via PayPal (including credit / debit cards), and you will be prompted to make the payment on completion of your review submission.

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